Dr. Cassedy and his staff are so nice and helpful, we love going there.  If everyone had the Vivitrol shot, AA and NA would not be needed anymore.  The shot makes you not want to drink or use ever again, it is magic.


Dr cassedy is the best doctor Iv ever come into contact with. His knowledge in addiction is a priceless gift to experience. (Unfortunately) but it is what it is- Iv been to many expensive rehabs. And finding a medical professional such as himself, has truly made a difference in my life. I couldn’t even begin to express how grateful I am to know him.  5 stars!


Dr. Cassedy is the most amazing doctor and human being that I have ever been privileged to know. I would definitely give this man one hundred stars if I could. Dr. Cassedy has saved my sons life and countless others. Dr. Cassedy is not in it for money on any level, he truly cares. Dr. Cassedy speaks all over the world on the vivitrol shot, and is working on the front lines trying to save lives every day. I am not sure what my family would do without Dr. Cassedy, he has saved my sons life and I will be forever grateful.


I am a living testimony to the VIVITROL shot. I have been battling to get sober for almost 4 years and have spent a ridiculous amount of money on rehabs and treatment it makes me sick. But then thank God I met Dr Cassidy he is a doctor who has such a big heart especially for those in addiction. I just went today for my 7th shot and it WORKS it has taken away my cravings and has given me my life back it has been a long time but I am officially back to living with my daughter. Thank you DR Cassidy for saving my life. Anyone who is on the fence about the shot I challenge you to make the appointment and go meet DR Cassidy he will sit down and explain everything and answer all questions and concerns and the staff is awesome too. Get the shot and get your life back!!!!!


I thought it would be important and valuable to post about my experience getting clean and sober with Dr. Cassedy on an OUT PATIENT method! Up until March of 2018, I had been hiding and trying to live a life as an opioid addict. I had been using prescription pain killers since a major medical issue arose unexpectedly in 2013. I was prescribed a strong pain medication called  Dilaudid.  For all of you users out there, this medication will make you feel like you are on a cloud at Disneyland all day. Unbeknownst to me at that time, I took it and I became immediately hooked. Since then, I had spent 3 1/2 years doing “whatever it takes” to get my hands on anything to stay high. ( this became an issue as my tolerance became to increase, therefore I needed more and more to feel anything) One evening, after finding out some very tragic news, I took over 2,000 mg of morphine tablets to numb the emotional pain and started to overdose around 7:30pm while my young son sat next to me on the couch next. The room began to spin, sweat dropping down my face, my heart was beating so fast I could barely catch my breath. I remembering praying to God saying “Dear Lord, if you get me through this night alive I promise I will go get help!”  Somehow I woke up alive the next day, ran into my son’s room, looked at him and realized that if I didn’t do something, I was going to die!! I’m in my 30’s and have so much life to live but can’t imagine it without my drug that I love and physically need. But it has completely taken over and by this point my life was starting to slowly fall apart and the people around me were starting to notice all my behavioral changes and I knew I couldn’t hide it anymore. My closest friend and sister came over that day and I shared with them what has been going on. They immediately started researching detox/recovery programs. They found Dr. Cassedy and when they called on a Sunday, HE ANSWERED his phone, spoke with us and made an appt for me the following morning. I refused to be checked into a recovery center. I came into that appt the next morning with 2 pills left in my hand, filled with shame and fear. He took hours of his time to sit with me and my family to discuss and understand the disease of addiction, the outpatient detox and recovery program. ( which seemed impossible at the time) But here I am 1 year later, clean and sober people. I’m alive! By that I mean I don’t live in the opioid cloud anymore. I can actually feel again. I would and will never ever ever return to that bullshit junky life again because life on the other side is so much better, I promise. I look at my son now and know I’m going to be around to see him graduate high school, get married etc. A year ago, I was weeks away from death. Coming out and letting people know I had a problem felt like the scariest thought because that would mean I would have to let go of my beloved drugs, an incomprehensible thought at that time.  But what surprised me was after I did, I actually felt a tremendous sense of relief. It was so stressful, exhausting hiding and scheming all those years, it felt good to let go of all of the secrets, isolation and anxiety anymore. Please call Cassedy, he’s not like any other addiction specialist. He treats everyone in a unique way that sets them up for success. The medications given really really help with the dreaded detox! ( seriously). He’s been by my side for 1 year now and I hope he knows that he saved my life. Call him if your story sounds like mine. Get your life back. If you’re currently a user, you’re not living-just existing.



I truly believe you have been God’s instrument in re-directing John’s path, giving him hope again, and also giving me a sense of peace in my life.

— Joyce


Thank you for all of your help Dr. Cassedy, I am now successfully off of suboxone, it was a rough two weeks but I made it through with enough exercise and a good diet. I appreciate everything you did for me!

— Wiliam

Dr. Cassedy is by far one of the most competent, nicest human beings I have met. His knowledge about medications is extensive and is a man of high character and honesty.Dr. Cassedy’s  ability to make you smile when your having a bad day is priceless.You can’t get better qualities then that with a physician these days. One of the few doctors I’ve met that genuinely cares about the people he treats and does his absolute best to make your life better. I would highly encourage you to see him and his staff for anything you need.