Our program focuses on outpatient detox for opiates and alcohol. The program is designed for a 14-day outpatient detox program followed by 7 to 10 days of being substance free. Our program can be divided into three phases which are outlined below.

Phase 1

Patients whose urine tested positive for, and not limited to, Opiates, Methampethamines, Amphethamine, Benzodiazepene, THC, PCP, TCA, Ectacy, will begin a 14-day maintenance of Suboxone. The details of the of this 14-day plan can be found here.

Phase 2

When the patient has successfully completed tapering of Suboxone, in reference to the Patient Treatment Contract, the patient has agreed to commit to either Depot Vivitrol (380mg) or oral Naltrexone (25mg or 50mg). Patients who commit to the Depot Vivitrol (380mg) will be on a 30-day cycle for a recommended 6-12 months. Please see our Vivitrol page here for further information. Those who choose oral Naltrexone will be directed to take it daily. The length of treatment varies for each individual. The patient, treating physician, and counselor will discuss and come to an agreement on a treatment plan that is appropriate and in the best interest of the patient.

Phase 3

A strong and consistent support group is paramount in the patient’s journey to sobriety. A telephone support system is offered to patients. Once the patient has agreed to the treatment, the patient can expect a monthly call from the program for an up-date, or a reminder for a scheduled up-coming injection.